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About the company

German company Wolberg develops and manufactures vacuum cleaners, the functionality of which is special. To meet the needs of all customers, we are always improving:

Our goal

The aim of our company is to enable customers to use Wolberg vacuum cleaners while enjoying the cleaning process. We are responsible for every cordless vacuum cleaner sold. We contribute to creating an atmosphere in which developers use their own advanced knowledge and years of experience. Our mission is to provide our customers with a high-quality service and to provide reliable and high-quality Wolberg products.

Our Strengths

At the heart of Wolberg is a concern for humanity. Our mission is to deliver innovative products that partners and customers around the world will benefit from, and to bring new cleaning technologies to the market today. To fulfill these points, our specialists take into account the wishes and needs of people. In the process of combining these factors - innovations and people, the production of products useful for humanity takes place using technologies of a new generation. This is what makes the Wolberg brand unique and distinguishes it from others.

“Our mission is to develop such an innovative product that will make the daily cleaning process comfortable and fast, as well as make life easier for every family around the world.”