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Vacuum cleaner Smart Perfection v11

Effective cleaning without unnecessary wires

Cordless upright vacuum cleaner with 230 aerowatt suction power 5-stage filtration system captures up to 99.97% of particles


Innovation in everything

Suction power

Does not decrease when the battery is discharged

Instant engine activation

Engine activation time takes only 0.3 seconds

Improved high-capacity battery

High-capacity battery, delivers uninterrupted power to clean every corner of your home

Retains up to 99.97% of particles

Strong air flow, which separates the sucked-in dust particles from the air

Centrifugal force

Makes 99.99% of dust settle on the container walls

Intelligent system

The device does not clog, the suction power does not decrease - the vacuum cleaner works longer

Dust container and cyclone system

Newly designed dust collection container. You just need to press a button and the dust container cover will open. Simple and hygienic

Effective cleaning of hard floors and carpets

The high-torque combo nozzle will handle everything from hard floors to high pile carpets with ease


Suction pipe whole
Weight 1.6 kg
Cleaning type dry
Addition Non-clogging filter
Additional functions power control on the handle
Equipment fine filter
Suction power 230 Watt
Vacuum cleaner dimensions (WxDxH) 12.5x23x126 cm
Technology ECO Time
Vacuum cleaner type 2 in 1 (vertical + manual)
Function Smooth motor start
Dust collector bagless (cyclone filter), capacity 0.80l
Noise level 60 dB
Rechargeable yes
Battery type Li-Ion, capacity 4300 mAh
Battery life up to 105 min
Charging time 180 min


Powerful engine

Brushless motor and separate cyclones innovative dust extraction technology

MAX mode

Up to 12 minutes cleaning with 4x suction power for cleaning hard-to-reach areas

Automatically adapts to different floor coverings

Monitors the resistance at the nozzle, automatically adjusting the power according to the type of flooring

Stiff Bristles technology, relieve you of stubborn dirt

Hard nylon bristles are suitable for removing stubborn dirt, on carpets, upholstered furniture, cabinetry and textiles

multifunctional attachments

For cleaning hard surfaces, carpets, cars, upholstered and cabinet furniture, textiles, suitable for cleaning delicate, varnished surfaces, equipment

All parts except the motor and the electric brush are washable

High Torque Nozzle

Stiff bristled brush

Power Supply

Crevice 2in1

Wall mount

Screws for fastening

A vacuum cleaner

Cleaning brush


62 dB Low noise level
1.6 kg. Lightweight, easy to use and suitable for any purpose
Any task can be done

From wool to the smallest particles


Battery life up to 105 minutes

180 min

Fixed. Intelligent button, One press - Eco mode, Two presses - Max mode, Three presses - off

Up to 160m2

On these models, the battery is removable


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